Battle against your friends in this head-to-head competitive fighting game. As power-ups fall into your circle, use the BCI mental command to gather these items to your action bar on the left. Gather (in a row) 3 flames to spit fire, 2 shields to gain extra shields or 2 gloves to punch your opponent and knock out their life!

Destroy alien enemy spaceships as they approach your spaceship! Ships are targeted using SSVEP by focusing your attention on each individual enemy.



Navigate through the different astroid obstacles using the appropriate weapon. One player controls the spaceship movement, the other changes the weapon. Use 2-button BCI commands to go up/down on the screen and 1-button BCI commands to change the weapon.

Choo-choo goes the gravy train! You are on a mission to collect gravy and take it to the next town, avoiding obstacles and grabbing underground coal along the way! One player can control the train using the P300, while the other clicks on special goodies along your route.



Have you ever wanted to challenge your friends to kerling on a spaceship? Here, teams of 2 compete in the classic sport of curling - on an alien spaceship! One team member uses a single button BCI action to control the trajectory of the stone, with the other member using repetitive BCI actions to brush the stone into place!

This game looks to challenge players to a game of tug-of-war based on their math skills! Each player takes a turn answering the math question using one of 2 BCI commands, hoping to pull the opponent off the mat!

You and your brother are racing against each-other to get to the center of the maze! Hit the barriers to change the direction of the maze or change your direction! Use a BCI command to move clockwise or counter-clockwise around the maze and when your opening shows up use a second BCI command to dash through! First to the center wins.

This collaborative dungeon grab-and-dash game places players against a fearsome dragon as they try to navigate their carts around the randomly generated map to collect all of the gems! Each player can gain unique power-ups on the map from the gems, but need to avoid the dragon or else it might be game over for everyone. Movement is controlled directly through the BCI visual schemes of P300 and SSVEP.



Penguin snowball fight! Throw snowballs at your opponent trying to knock them out (and gain powerups) before they knock you out! Each player is controlled by independent BCI headsets, and uses mental commands to toss the snowballs. Let the fight begin!

Can you get farther than your friends in this competitive space race? Each player takes a turn trying to dash through the oncoming asteroids using single-button BCI commands to move their spaceship forward. You need perfect timing to become the next best pilot in the galaxy.


Soc Kitty

From the unique and creative minds of LEGSFORDAYS Studios comes a tale (tail?) of a hand-drawn kitty-like creature looking to kick a soccer ball off the table. One player controls the movement of Soc Kitty, while the other uses BCI commands to kick the soccer ball.



Use your memory to find where each bootle character is hiding in different locations! 4 corners of the grid are selected using P300 BCI.

Use BCI to jump over obstacles as your character runs endlessly. If you hit an obstacle, get right back up and keep running - this game gives players plenty of opportunity to practice their BCI skills.


Kirby Pop

Players must launch Kirby into the tower of cake and treats in order to claim all the points and complete the level. This game is compatible with both P300 and single-input BCIs.


Kolor Kaze

Use the P300 BCI in this game to create colorful canvases. Create a new piece of art every time you play!

Planet defender uses the P300 BCI controller to defeat enemy spaceships. Players must watch the enemy they want to destroy and count the flashing red target to destroy it.

Destroy the enemy spaceship before it destroys you! Players will use the single-input BCI to scan through and select the weapon they want to use.

This is a multiplayer game designed to use a single-button input. Players try to slam into their opponents around the arena to weaken them and win the match.

This game was designed for a younger age group - players get to use BCI to navgiate through a short interactive story.


Zap Attack

Similar to the classic duck hunter game - players must use a BCI command to shoot the duck from the air when it flies through the target.